Get An RSS Feed Of Your Youtube Subscriptions

Updated July 7, 2015 – It looks like YouTube has disabled it’s combined subscription feeds. You can still download an OPML file of your subscriptions’ individual feeds and import all of them to your RSS reader. To find the OPML file visit YouTube’s Subscription Manager and click the “Export Subscriptions” button at the bottom of the page. The original post follows, but the instructions no longer work.

Following the announcement that Google Reader will be shutting down, I’ve been looking for a new place to read my content. I’m still not sure where I’ll land on that, but the change has me thinking about how I consume content as well. I’ve decided I’d like to do more of it in fewer places (the goal of RSS to begin with.) To that end, I’ve added my Youtube subscriptions to my feed reader. Here’s how you can get an RSS feed for your Youtube subscriptions, too:

Make Your Feed Available

First, make sure your feed is publicly available. Go to and uncheck “Keep all my subscriptions private.”

Get Your User ID

Next, get your Youtube user ID at You’ll see your YouTube User ID listed.

Finally, replace {USER_ID} in the following address with your own User ID and you’ll have an RSS feed for new videos from your subscription list.{USER_ID}/newsubscriptionvideos


6 thoughts on “Get An RSS Feed Of Your Youtube Subscriptions

  1. I have been looking for this for a long time and thought this wasn’t possible. How did you find out about this?

  2. Glad it was helpful! I found a hint toward it in a video on Youtube which I’ve sadly lost the link to. I couldn’t find anywhere that it was clearly explained in text, so decided to write up a quick post.

  3. In the wake of Google Reader, I was thinking about rolling out my own server with Fever ( installed on it. I always liked Shaun Inman’s stuff, but then again Mint was never a match for GA just as Fever will likely never match GR.

  4. I’ve always had an eye toward Fever, but it isn’t really tailored to the way that I like to use RSS. I like Feedly (after I set the default page to index view) ( but I hate that it requires a browser extension to log in, but then it’s just a web app with no special features. I may go with The Old Reader ( but they’re struggling under the weight of imports right now.

    I used RSS Owl to export my feeds as an OPML file instead of Google’s stupid format, so I can try a bunch of readers and see what fits. It’s a big decision!

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