WordPress 301 Redirect Plugin Released

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve released my first WordPress plugin. It’s called Simple 301 Redirects and it does just what it says on the tin. It provides an interface for redirecting URL requests. It’s handy for when you’ve migrated a site to WordPress and are unable to maintain the URL structure. With Simple 301 Redirects you can redirect your old urls like “/about.html” to new, clean URLs like “http://www.yoursite.com/pages/about/” or whatever you like. Redirecting your old links to new destinations is important for preserving inbound links and pagerank after migrating a site. And this plugin does it in the easiest possible way I could think of.

You can read a little bit more about the plugin at its official home on this site or go straight to the WordPress plugin directory to download it. I hope you find it helpful!

Simple 301 Redirects Plugin Screenshot

17 thoughts on “WordPress 301 Redirect Plugin Released

  1. Very nice and elegantly crafted WordPress plug-in for redirecting discontinued web pages (either because a site moved, or because a site’s page has expired).

    Will be useful to mask affiliate marketing links as well.

    The code is very well written and adheres to the WordPress API standards…so it should make it though WordPress upgrades without a hitch.

    Many of these I’ve seen are SO over-done. This is simple (as the name implies) to install and use.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was a lifesaver for me! I recently moved my blog from blogger to WordPress and inadvertently killed an old RSS feed which had hundreds of subscribers. This plugin allowed me to redirect the feed to my Feedburner feed.

    By the way, such a redirect was something that my webhost customer service person told me could not be done because I was running WordPress and it would redirect my entire site. I’m so glad that I was able to prove them wrong with the help of your plugin.

  3. it look that it don’t work with old static files, for example to redirect /home.html to a new wordpress page, using wp 2.9.2 ..

  4. If the file still exists on the server, WordPress generally won’t process the request. If it’s still there, try renaming it or deleting it (make sure to save a backup, just in case.)

  5. How do you delete a redirect that you will not be using anymore? I don’t see anywhere to delete them.

  6. Hello,

    Thanks for a terrific plugin!

    Question: I’m receiving redirect loop errors, most likely redirecting a redirect (not sure).

    How do I undo a redirect?

  7. You’re welcome! To remove a redirect just clear out both fields on that row and save. It will remove any empty rows automatically.

  8. Hi Kris,
    In order to redirect an entire domain, it’s best to have your web host set up a 301 redirect in an .htaccess file. If that’s not an option you can set up wordpress at the old domain and use the plugin to set “/” as the request and “http://www.camillaworden.com” as the destination. This won’t redirect sub-pages, however, so I wouldn’t advise it unless having your web host help you with .htaccess is totally out of the question.

  9. Can this also handle old URLs with querystrings that cannot be redirected with a simple 301 redirect?

  10. Hi Brian,
    If I’m following you, that would require wildcard support, which is coming some day but isn’t available yet.

  11. Hi, I’m using this plugin. working fine with my blog. I need your help on one problem. I have a lot of links (3000 (the folder removed)) from a sub directory need to redirect to another folder. How can I put the value…
    Please help.
    Thank you in Advance…

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  13. nice plug-in, but i wonder if its possible to use it for what i need. i have an old website (outside of wordpress) where i’ve placed a .htaccess file to carry out the 301 rd’s. however it only workd with the main page of the old site and the other pages redirect to my new site but show as 404 errors – I’ve tried your plugin to fix this but it doesnt. when i think about it how can it – it doesnt have access to my old site – any ideas how i can fix the prob.

    here’s hoping,

  14. Hey Tony. If you’ve redirected all traffic from the old domain instead of just the home page, you should then be able to intercept those requests on your new site with the plugin. Try searching for ‘.htaccess domain redirect’ and make sure you’re implementing rules that will forward all requests to the new site. If you want to email me a specific example of a page on your old site and where you want it to go on the new site I can give you specific help with that part of it, too. There’s an email form over on the contact page.

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