Simple 301 Redirects Version 1.02 (and 1.03) Released

I’ve released a bug fix version of Simple 301 Redirects for WordPress. Version 1.02 fixes a couple of bugs and 1.03 adds PHP4 support, which I carelessly neglected in 1.02. It seems that a lot of people still use PHP4 even though it’s been officially dead (i.e. unsupported and with no security updates) for over 2 years. You can get the latest version of the plugin by updating from your admin system or by visiting the WordPress plugin directory.

9 thoughts on “Simple 301 Redirects Version 1.02 (and 1.03) Released

  1. Hi, Your Simple 301 Redirects plugin is awesome. Thanks for a great tool. I have a small question/request. We handle plugins for our site as SVN externals and right now the tagged versions o fyour plugin aren’t up-to-date with the latest trunk version. Any chance you could create the tagged folder for the latest version?



    • Thank you, David. Everything should be in order now. Sorry for that oversight; I’m not accustomed to working with SVN in the context of the WP plugin directory.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Can the plugin cope with redirecting a whole folder? and if so how?


  3. Hi Steve. I’ve planned for a while to add support for wildcards (‘/somefolder/*’ would redirect the whole folder), but I’m sorry to say it isn’t in place yet.

  4. Hi Scott,

    That’s a shame, it would have saved me a lot of time! Any chance you could let me know if/when it is added?

  5. Where is your redirects stored in database?

    It is not working for all my redirects. I need to check to see if the entry is actually being saved.

  6. Question: I am using your301 plugin to redirect pages. I cannot get the URL’s to redirect with a %20 following the url. I had left a space when I put a link in an article on on someone else’s site and it is showing up as an error because the original article does not have a space. Any suggestions? Thanks

  7. Hi, this is a simple and awesome plugin. Extremely useful. Thanks ..

    @Maggie Magill – I use it with just a blank space and it works. Eg; /test page.html >> /real-test-page/

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